TriTOM Benefits & Advantages

TriTOM is an efficient standard software for practical personnel management.

The care of comprehensive personnel data, the recording and account of working periods and times absent as well as the crew scheduling belong to TriTOM.

TriTOM takes it over for several locations and outlets. Also employees who change between outlets are able to be assigned and deducted exactly.

  • Management of personnel data and creation of rosters for several locations and outlets
  • For 50 to several 1000 employees
  • For extremely flexible working times and wage models
  • Care and management of detailed comprehensive personnel data
  • Time recording of working periods and times absent
  • Creation of proof of working time periods and monthly settlements for all modes of employment and
  • Reviews / reports for certain periods of time and groups of employees
  • Creation of rosters on the spot
  • Planning assistant shows differences regarding to working periods and wage immediately and during the planning
  • Automatically created rosters for certain employment scenarios
  • employees desires for deployment transmittable via internet
  • Notifications via text message
  • Complete cash book conduction for data cash tills of different producers (e.g. MICROS 8700, VECTRON and GASTROFIX)
  • Balancing the cash with operator and collective reports
  • Monitoring of operator and loss differences
  • Sales analysis, location and cost centre oriented for any desired time periods
  • “every 30 minutes” – evaluation for volume of sales and deployment
  • Safe data transfer to payroll accounting and other IT systems (ERP, SAP, FIBU, Office programs, internet)
  • Integration in your IT system without any problems
  • Training and support with a practical orientation