TriTOM Personnel data & payroll accounting

Personnel data and evidence of working periods are basis for the payroll accounting and the management of working accounts.

The accurate care of personnel data is the most important basis for correct rosters, evidence of working periods and finally for wage accounting. In this process TriTOM relieves the work of the expeditors significantly by having user friendly menus, flexible summaries as well as automatic reconciliations.

In the personnel data it is possible to consider all lawful, tariff and individual defaults from the particular employment contracts – for example about the selectable maximum limit for working periods and wage. Due to these comprising personnel data it is possible to choose personnel for specific purposes and operational areas aimed.

The personnel data between TriTOM and your payroll accounting e.g. with SAP are balanced automatically in certain intervals. You receive reports about locations, outlets and persons for instance about plus minus hours, about illness and holiday statistics.

Time recording

The time recording is the basis for creating evidence of working periods and happens by the use of time recording tools, cash tills or manual input.

TriTOM can be combined with time recording tools of different producers.

Are you working with data cash tills in your business area?
In this case it is possible to use the TriTOM expansion cash book. TriTOM is easily connectable with the cash till systems MICROS 8700, VECTRON and GASTROFIX.

Roster & selection of personnel

With TriTOM rosters are going to be highly efficient because TriTOM regards all personnel data in the selection of personnel as well as the sales of several periods of time. During the planning the limit of wages and the availability of employees will be displayed to the expeditor immediately.

Therefore sales-related demands can be calculated exactly and timely.

For several deployment scenarios or samples of demand TriTOM can create rosters automatically.

You receive rosters in several forms:

Monthly plan as:

  • chart
  • calendar

Daily plan:

  • every half an hour

It is possible to print or send them at any time. For short-term changes it is possible to send requests to employees quickly via text message.

With TriTOM you are able to create holiday plans, residual leave is calculated automatically whereas Saturdays, Sundays and holidays will be considered.

Individual rights can be assigned to the users. Especially for the sensitive personnel data the variable assignment of right is significant.