TriTOM Sales analysis & reports

With the comprehensive data of TriTOM it is possible to put an additional acquisition of information into practice by using the TriTOM expansion analysis.

With the TriTOM expansion analysis it is possible to describe relationship between sales and deployment exactly as well as displaying it visually. You receive exact information about efficiency as well as about several locations and outlets.

For the analysis you can combine period of sales and selection of personnel criteria as you wish. Sales are exactly ascertained for cost centres and locations. Furthermore TriTOM offers different

  • Reports about decades
  • Diagrammed evaluations
  • Preview features

TriTOM can update evaluations and reports every half an hour! Therefore you can change the selection of personnel short-termed and respond to unsteady sales. Sales information and requests to employee, if  they are available for deployment are possible via text message – fast and without enormous amount of time.