TriTOM Range of application

TriTOM is interesting for medium-sized and big companies with several hundred or thousand employees. TriTOM especially accomplishes the high demands of companies with high disposal effort, a high ratio of flexible working conditions, with differentiated wage and working period models and sales figures at one or several locations.

With TriTOM you receive a tool for optimisation of comprehensive business processes. The increasing flexibilisation of working periods, different wage models and the employment of external staff for different projects – with TriTOM you can control and account the varying personnel requirements optimally.

Range of application and sectors

… Catering, gastronomy, trade, personnel service provider, temporary work, hotels, care…

TriTOM as standard software

For you it means TriTOM is proven in practise over a period of years and was optimised for a wide range of demands. Therefore you receive a software which works with your IT systems solid and safe. Additionally TriTOM has sufficient reach of play to suit to specific necessities. TriTOM transports data automatically to the software of your payroll and financial accounting.

That also means we adopt advice, fitting and support long-term and reliable. Our experience in different sectors ensures you planning security.

Particularly interesting is that TriTOM evaluates dealings in direct link to working time and personnel data. Updated every half an hour. Information are possible via internet or text message.

With TriTOM you create rosters which underlie all sales and personnel data. These rosters are efficient in such a way that you safe up to 8 percent payroll costs.

Employees can announce their desires for deployment via internet at TriTOM and see what is possible. Time-consuming arrangements to change duty are not necessary anymore. Requests and notifications for example for short-term changes in deployment are quickly possible via text message.