TriTOM Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our help system which will answer frequently asked questions. If your questions are not answered sufficiently by the listed tips our supporting team is available for you at any time.

Microsoft Windows XT as from service pack 2 minimally 512 MB memory (recommended as from 1 GB), Excel, text message service needs .NET 3.5 SP1 and internet following windows systems are supported.

TriTOM also supports the import of actual time from any desired time-recording tool with a data interface. After the import they will be checked for completeness and evidence automatically. The authorised arranger can correct and complete actual times optionally.
After that they can be adopted to the roster but it is definitely possible to edit and correct them furthermore until the wage exportation. It is also possible to enter the actual times manually.

Yes. The demand can be calculated for months to come. It contains defaults per day, per outlet and per fixed time period. With this you can plan the efficiency in advance. The efficiency will be calculated from the planned sales and the planned deployment. Therefore you can see the relation of the planned working hours of your employees to the planned sales..

On the part of the employees it is possible to state availabilities, established absences and preferred dates for deployment which will support the planning process. An accessibility of an adequate web page for the employees is implemented and can be used.

Among the bill of wages the planned and the actual holidays will be considered completely. Additionally it is possible to manage and culminate extra working hours or enable it for payment.

Yes. The interfaces are adoptable variably and can be tailored to the particular wage or personnel system (such as SAP) and to the corresponding actual time acquisition tools (cash till or special tools). The delivery of the wage data takes place in TriTOM once a month. Proof of working time are automatically created, checked and provided for approval or addition out of the actual data.

Interfaces are supported in steady and variable text format, chart structure, in direct data bank access as well as in XML. In this process TriTOM accepts standard interfaces (such as in SAP) as well as specific formats of other software applications. Following content-related interfaces are supported
• Import: master data (generals like countries, BIN etc.)
• Ex-/Import: personnel master data (from SAP or other software products to cash tills)
• Export: wage data (amongst other SAP)
• Export: personnel data and cash till systems
• Export: particular absences, indications for wage arranger
• Import: actual times for actual plans and actual accounting, wage etc. (from cash till or time recording systems)
• Import: sales data from cash tills or other interludes, budget
• Ex-/Import: exchange with data bank for web logins
• Ex-/Import: discounts for employees
• Ex-/Import: reports and analyses constantly available as setting copy, PDF files and EXCEL charts
• Export: internal data for the setup of a central data bank
• Ex-/Import: data for team competitions

Text message service especially is for employees information about short-time changes of plan. Additionally the involvement of the employees in the planning process is enabled via a web module. In addition the communication takes place via email notifications.

The program is multiuser-enabled. On the one hand there is a rights concept in which user get permits for locations and outlets, on the other hand locking mechanisms exist.