TriTOM Usage

Simple use and handling

The disposition and management of many employees places more and more complex demands on the personnel expeditor.

Employees who are supposed to be deployed in changing periods of time and at different locations are only to dispose with high effort. And to consider certain personnel data while creating the rosters as well as sticking to limits for working periods and reward – manually this is not possible to accomplish optimally. TriTOM reduces the effort for recording data manually significantly and optimises the entire personnel crew scheduling.

The expeditor only has to enter the personnel data once. After that he is able to create efficient rosters with TriTOM, because TriTOM shows limits of use immediately.

If a deployment scenario is repeated TriTOM is able to create rosters automatically. In this process TriTOM considers all necessary personnel and working periods defaults, even sales and desires for deployment. All rosters, evaluations and lists can be printed.

Data import & data export

To a great extent import and export of data, e.g. at cash tills, time recording tools and payroll accounting happen automatically.